• Starting on the first Thursday of October, we have our first club meeting for the season. 
  • On the Third Monday of October, several club members gather to handle our Adopt-A-Highway ditch cleanup duties.  Our section of road ditch is County Road 2 between Helena Blvd and Redwing Ave.


  • On the first Thursday of November, our club has a "Membership Drive" open house event to attract new members.  This begins an hour earlier than our regular meeting (7:00pm)  Appetizers are provided and a social hour is held to talk with prospective members.  Note that anyone is welcome to join the club at any time. 
  • In mid-November, Snowmobile Safety Training is held, students age 11-15 are encouraged to enroll.  Check the Snowmobile Saftey Training page for more info. 
  • Landowners are contacted and trail signs are set.  Landowners receive $20 in Coborns' gift cards and tickets for their family to the Landowners Breakfast held in December, in appreciation of allowing our trails to cross their land. 
  • Annual membership dues are due.
  • MNUSA raffle calendars are available through mid-December. These calendars help to create funds for the MNUSA/DNR Snowmobile Safety Program and trail enhancement projects statewide.  Our club receives a portion of the proceeds from sold calendars in the form of charitable money.


  • On December 1st, trails officially "open" statewide. 
  • Board elections are done annually at the December meeting.  Our Board of Directors consists of six members, three of which are active positions.  Each year two members are voted on to fill the positions of the members that have completed their three year term in office. 
  • The First Sunday of December is our annual Landowners Appreciation Ham and Egg Breakfast, held at the KC Hall in New Prague.  At this event, Landowners enjoy a complimentary breakfast for their family in appreciation for allowing our trails to cross their land.  This benefit helps to raise funds for the well deserved benefits that Landowners receive.  Members are encouraged to sell tickets for the breakfast and to volunteer a shift at the event to help make it a success.  Also members are asked to bring three dozen baked goods or purchase the equivelent and bring to the Breakfast to be passed out.  Ticket holders are entered into a door prize drawing of $50, $30, $15.


  • The January meeting is held on the first Thursday of January
  • The Second Saturday marks our annual Local Club Ride. (date subject to change due to conditons)  On this event, members meet at a set location and ride together for the day.  The date is intended to go hand in hand with the
  • LeSueur County Trails Association Steak Fry, held at the Legion in LeCenter.  The Steak Fry helps to fund trail systems in LeSueur County and is a good deal--Full steak dinner and beverages followed by a silent auction.  Our Club is not involved with the Steak Fry, other than donating goods to the auction.  Several members attend at their own will. 
  • The third weekend of January is the historically set date for the Club Trip.  (date subject to change due to conditions) For this, a destination is chosen at the prior meeting and all interested members ride at that location for the weekend.  Some of the past trip destinations have been Birchwood WI and Caledonia, MN.


  • The February club meeting is held on the first Thursday of February.
  • Our Annual Trail Maintenance Fundraiser is held in early February at Brewsters Bar in Veseli. This fundraiser helps to raise funds for maintaining our local trails and equipment.  Members are encouraged to sell tickets for the event which has live music all night and beverages from 7-9pm with a ticket.  Ticket holders are entered into a door prize drawing of $50, $30, $15.
  • Our annual Progressive Dinner is tentatively held on the first Saturday of February.  (date subject to change due to conditions)  At this fun event, we ride to three predetermined locations, typically club members houses or businesses and enjoy soup and salad, followed by a main dinner at the last stop, and then a social gathering, sometimes including a bonfre. (weather permitting) 
  • The MNUSA Winter Rendezvous and Silent Auction is held the second Saturday of February, with members attending at their own will if they choose.  The Silent Auction is another fundraiser that we ocaisionally donate monies/goods to.  The auction benefits the MNUSA Legal Defense Fund which stands behind MN snowmobile trails when legal action is needed.


  • The March club meeting is held on the first Thursday of March.  This is typically a well attended meeting as the attendees enjoy a pizza party after the meeting as a reward for our progress and accomplishments for the year.


  • On April 1st, trails statewide officially close for the season.
  • Trail signs set last fall are taken down for the season
  • The april club meeting is held on the first thursday of April.  The main topic for this meeting is groomer reimbursement for the season.
  • On the third Monday of April, several club members gather and handle our Adopt-A-Highway ditch cleanup duties.  Our section of road ditch is County Road 2 between Helena Blvd and Redwing Ave.


  • The third Sunday marks the date set for our Summer Picnic-if enough interest is shown in holding a picnic.  Members meet at a predetermined location and enjoy a cookout and social event.
  • Members are encouraged to sell raffle tickets for the well established SnoBarons club.  Raffle tickets are for a chance to win 1 of 4 snowmobiles, one from each manufacturer.  The SnoBarons host the well known Haydays event in North Branch in September.  The SnoBarons, in return donate us 85% of the total amount of tickets we sell.  Tickets, sold or unsold need to be turned in by mid-August.