Our club provides the local youth with the oportunitiy to take the Field Day portion of Snowmobile Safety Training. 

Our Snowmobile Safety Training Program in held annually in mid-November.  Contact New Prague Community Education Office at 952-758-1677 to enroll.

Youth Certification Requirements:

Youth ages 11-15 are eligible to complete the course. Certification becomes valid at age 12.

Must attend our review class and pass a youth snowmobile safety performance driving course.

Must have already completed and have in possession "voucher of completion" from snowmobilecourse.com (PRIOR TO CLASSROOM DAY!)

Check MNDNR's site below for more information.  


2018-2019 winter--25 students certified.

2017-2018 winter--26 students certified.

2016-2017 winter--27 students certified.

2015-2016 winter--26 students certified.

2014-2015 winter--24 students certified.

2013-2014 winter--34 students certified.

2012-2013 winter--40 students certified.

2011-2012 winter--42 students certified.

2010-2011 winter--32 students certified.

2009-2010 winter--42 students certified.

2008-2009 winter--39 students certified.