Our club provides the local youth with the oportunitiy to take CD-ROM based Snowmobile Safety Training. 

Our Snowmobile Safety Training Program in held annually in mid-November.  Contact New Prague Community Education Office at 952-758-1677 to enroll.

This years Safety Training has been completed and 34 students have passed the course.

Youth Certification Requirements:

Youth ages 11 -15 are eligible to complete the course. Certification becomes valid at age 12.

Must attend one day review class and pass a youth snowmobile safety performance driving course.

Must have already completed and have in possession "voucher of completion" from DNR CD-ROM training disc. (PRIOR TO CLASSROOM DAY!)

Check MNDNR's site below for more information.  Note that we operate under the "New CD based course terms.


2014-2015 winter--24 students certified.

2013-2014 winter--34 students certified.

2012-2013 winter--40 students certified.

2011-2012 winter--42 students certified.

2010-2011 winter--32 students certified.

2009-2010 winter--42 students certified.

2008-2009 winter--39 students certified.